A few years ago, I ran my first mud filled obstacle race. When it comes to sports I’m very competitive, so I had a plan to go as fast and hard as I could.

The first obstacle required you to basically head dive straight into a pit of mud water. And I loved it, despite the fact that others were slowed down by it. I was in my element and totally going for it. I went into the second obstacle all strong, climbing over an extremely high rope wall, when I heard the cry of another participant. I so badly wanted to ignore the cries. I knew that if I stopped to help I would be slowed down.

But then I heard, “Help, I can’t do it, I’m scared.” A lady had climbed to the top and was frozen in fear. She was too afraid to move over to the other side. I looked around me and  watched how everyone else just moved passed her. I knew I had to help her. By the time I reached her at the top, my urge to help fueled a confidence in me that would make you think I climbed ropes for a living. As I looked the lady in the face, I said,  “You can do it.” But she just responded, “No I can’t, I’m too scared.” This lady was terrified and I knew that she needed more than just a quick encouragement. So I took hold of her arm to support her and said, “Yes you can. I’m going to help you.” Like a close friend, step by step, I led this stranger over her biggest obstacle.

Sure, it slowed me down a little and changed my race time, but I still crossed the finish line. I realised that I’d rather cross the finish line with someone than cross it alone.   Sometimes it’s not about how fast you cross the finish line, but rather about who you bring along with you to finish.

In your life, as you accomplish your goals, as you lose weight, become a better parent, discover new business solutions, as you achieve your dreams, will you help others to achieve theirs too?

This is your year for breakout. God isn’t only causing you to cross the finish line, but He’s enabling, empowering and anointing you to bring others  alongside you too.

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