I said something at our last PIO event that made for an interesting conversation. It went along the lines of, “Why do we whisper when we say vagina? We don’t whisper when we say leg, toe or gallbladder? Are we not created by God? Did God not design a woman’s vagina? So why are we embarrassed or ashamed? What’s the big deal? Vagina. This is how you say it, va-gi-na.”


I’ve heard great stories from that night. One group of ladies said that in the car on their way home they just kept saying the word vagina and burst out in laughter. Another lady even had her son overhear and suddenly ask her about the vagina. She of course had to school him and share about the penis and vagina. He found it really funny, but still appreciated her openness on

this taboo topic.

I love this, because it was just what I wanted, to start the conversation. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

As a girl I remember feeling like there was something wrong with me, because I got my period. In fifth grade they separated the girls from the boys and we watched a video about our changing bodies. For most of us that video confirmed the that we were doomed. I remember having to wear a bra for the first time. The boys would be so obnoxious about snapping the back of our bra straps. Back then I thought they were “boys being boys,” but it was humiliating to an adolescent girl. Even as an adult I find myself hiding my tampons and feminine products, as if there’s something wrong with it. As if it would change someone’s perspective of me if they knew I was on my period. Where does that come from? Am I not a woman? I’m pretty sure all women in the history of the world have had their period. No exceptions.

In bible days a woman was considered to be unclean when she was menstruating, not because she was unholy or less than, but because it was unsanitary. They did not have toilets or clean running water,so it was necessary to prevent the spread to disease. But today, we have wet wipes, pads, tampons, sprays and a bunch of other products. To be honest, we really we don’t need most of the stuff that is marketed to us. All those scented products that don’t really do anything, but give us a yeast infection. And then we feel nasty for having a yeast infection. Really? Why do we need to perfume our vagina? A vagina should smell like a vagina. There’s nothing wrong with the way a vagina smells. God made the vagina.

Girls and women are created by God and loved by God. He doesn’t make mistakes. Our breasts, our womb, our vagina is what makes us female, but our heart and our soul is what makes us a woman. Let’s put an end to being ashamed of how God has made us. It’s time to breakout of every unhealthy practice and  mindset that suggests to a woman that she is not enough.

My challenge to you is to start the conversation. Talk with your friends, your daughters, even your sons. Let’s start talking about our bodies in a positive light. Let’s not be afraid to pick up a box of tampons in the store. Say the word vagina out loud. Say it a few times if you must. But the days of being ashamed and quiet should be behind us. Let’s own who God has created us to be, and if anyone is going to be shamed, it’s going to be the devil!

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