God says in Matthew 22:32, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”  In other words, He says that He is the God of the previous generation, the current generation and the generations to come. God makes it clear that He is concerned with each generation.

When I read the book of Ruth I see a great example of a relationship between an older and a younger woman. Naomi is a widow and her two sons have died. Poor and heart broken, she sets out to return to her hometown. She begs her two daughters in law, who are widows too, to return to their hometown, for she had nothing to give them. Both daughters responded with a loud grievous cry, because they loved her so much.

One returned home and the other, Ruth, stayed. I found it interesting that they both cried out. It made me wonder what kind of relationship they shared that they did not want to leave Naomi.

Ruth had been married to Naomi’s son for ten years. Ruth said to Naomi, “I will go where you go. I will live where you live, and your God shall be my God.”  What kind of woman was Naomi that Ruth would devote such loyalty?

Before Ruth met Naomi, she was a Moabite and did not believe in the God of Israel. Perhaps Naomi displayed a Godly character and faith that Ruth had never seen before.

Throughout their story we see how the wisdom of the older generation fed the younger, and how the strength of the younger generation fed the older. Naomi instructed Ruth on what to do to gain the attention of Boaz, who was a wealthy man. Following every instruction, Ruth got married to Boaz. In return, Ruth had a child and gave him to Naomi to raise as her own.
Without Naomi there would be no husband for Ruth. Without Ruth there would be no son for Naomi.

The younger cannot say I don’t need the older. Without the wisdom of the older generation we will always start back over again. Our mothers, aunts, big sisters, in the Lord, have learned from mistakes that we don’t have to repeat. Yes, grandma might not know how to use a smartphone, but she knows how to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Grandma knows how to take some flour, butter and water and turn it into biscuits to feed the whole family. Grandma doesn’t need social media likes to feel good about herself, all she needs is the Word. Oh, how we need the older generation.

The older generation cannot say I don’t need the younger. Without the strength of the younger we will become feeble, unable to win in war. Yes, millennials wear skinny jeans with holes in them, but you wore butterfly collars and bell bottoms. Our daughters, nieces, and little sisters have so much to give. Let’s not shut them down in judgement over things that don’t even matter.

Young people like shorter church services and a concert every Sunday. But thank God for them. I personally don’t want to stay in church all day. I mean, I have to feed my kids and get them ready for school on Monday. I also don’t want to go to church and be bored. I personally love worship.I want to dance and sing off key, yes I’m that person. Oh, how we need the younger generation.

Let’s not fall into the same trap of religion and tradition. Let’s speak to each other and not at each other. Let’s feed one another not starve one another.

There is a Naomi and a Ruth in every woman. We all have something to give to someone younger than us and we all need someone older, someone who’s been there and done that, to pour into us.

We are better together.

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