This could be an abnormal statement, but I love to clean. Growing up, I used to clean houses with my mom. We’d leave our home in the projects and walk across town to the nice neighborhoods to earn extra cash.
My favorite thing was to imagine I was cleaning my own home. In fact, when I got home I would rearrange my bedroom and start to polish my furniture, even if it wasn’t as nice. I started to value what I had, instead of despising it for what it wasn’t. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment, in that, I took the least of what I had and made it the best it could be.

I still love to clean, especially in the spring. I’m ready to throw out winters clutter, clean out my flower beds and figure out what I’m going to do with my kids all summer!

Nowadays, my spring cleaning doesn’t stop with the house and kids. I need to spring clean my life. Tabatha has to examine herself. Because the last thing I want to do is be in a new season wearing last season’s clothes. I don’t want to be stuck maintaining last season’s issues when this season has issues of its own. As a wife, I can’t expect last season’s meal to suffice in this season. If you know my husband, he likes to eat. By the time spring comes he doesn’t want ribs and cornbread. It’s a new season, last season’s meal will only weigh him down. In the new season, he needs to be light on his feet. He’s ready for some white fish and corn on the cob hot off the grill. (I just know wherever he is right now, he feels a good amen rising up.) I’ve got some spring cleaning to do. I need to clean up my exercise routine, clean up my eating habits and clean up my attitude. I need to clean up my thoughts toward myself.

We are what we think we are. Instead of beating myself up because I missed a deadline, I give myself a good old, “You did your best girl.” Besides, God is causing all things to work together for my good. Instead of focusing on how slobbish I feel because I haven’t worked out in a month, I’ll focus on how I still look good anyway.

Remember that valuable lesson I learned cleaning houses as a child, value what you have. Do your spring cleaning. A cleaner you is a better you!

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